08 May 2011

Remembering Mom

Today is Mother's Day, and this is about my mother.

I have very few pictures of my mother, yet I can see her clearly in my thoughts. She was a wonderful woman, not always perfect, but that is what made her human. I find that I can overlook her mistakes and find comfort in all the things that she did right. 

Mom could cook like no one else, and I can still smell the wonderful odors that permeated our home. She was always there when I was in need, giving her love and support as best as she could. She was well thought of by all and gave acceptance to people even when they did not deserve it. She was very religious in her Catholic way, and often thought much about God and what eternal life would be like after death.  We had many conversations about God and Faith, something that we could spend hours and hours doing. She did not understand things in a theologian kind of way, but she believed and trusted in God very deeply.

Mom also could be stubborn and moody, and sometimes held grudges for far too long. She suffered greatly from her own circulatory illness (which would claim both her legs) and missed my dad terribly when he passed on.  I came to realize that there was a lot of hurt in her life, especially in the relationship with her own father, who was indeed a very cold, hard, and distant man. I am happy to know that they reconciled as he appproached the end of his own life, making his peace with God and family.

Mom passed on in 2007, finally joining my dad in eternity as well as the God she longed to truly know.  On this Mother's Day, I remember her with great love and fondness, and will miss her while at the same time smile in all the good memories of her. 

Pax Christi

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